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Col 3:4 (AMP) When Christ, Who is our life, appears, then you also will appear with Him in [the splendor of His] glory.
The life of God is a potential waiting to be activated and can only be activated by the promises of God.

Whenever you stand before God and begin to question whether or not His promises will come to pass, it means you still do not fully understand who you are. God’s promises are guaranteed because they have already been fulfilled in your life, before you even began praying. All you need is to activate it.
People believe in the operations of dark powers in their lives more than they do the presence of Christ in them. You have to realize that Christ is the head of all rule and power and because you are in Him, He is the one in charge of your life therefore the enemy cannot outwit you.

The new creation man lives by being fully persuaded not by having head knowledge.

Many walk separate from Christ not because they do not believe in Him or love Him but because they are not conscious of their union with Him. Many see God as their father and as their Lord but they are yet to see Him as their life because the truth of Gal 2:20 has not fully dawned on them.

Christ is your life and the consciousness of this will reinforce your union with Him. If Christ is your life, it means the sum of Christ’s power is present in you. It means the power to reverse any and every negative condition and to make up for any deficiency is not far away from you but right inside you.

Many see God as a distant deity too holy and busy to be concerned with the affairs of mere mortals. They pray to Him as though He were in heaven and they on earth. This lack of awareness of their union with Christ is the reason many are weak in their spiritual walk.

If Christ is your life, it means that everything in Christ is yours (1Co 3:21) “Therefore let no one glory in men. For all things are yours”. The power to conceive, to get that promotion, to achieve your goals, to reverse the negative medical report you have been given, etc resides in you!

FURTHER READING: Col 2:9, 2 Pet 1:2
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  1. Halleluyah 🙌 I believe if Christ is my life everything about Him is in me…. Thank you pastor….

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