(Wonderful) by Golden

Wonderful is a song, expressing gratitude to God, for his beautiful creations, and how he has good to me dispite my ingratitude, and how he lifted me high above expectation.( Jehovah obuluwemelu). Kindly click to download.

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(SOSOGI) BY Holiness Felyx ft Guc

Portharcourt  based artist named ‘Holiness Felyx’  brings up a new single titled ‘SOSOGI’  which means ‘Only you’. The revelation behind the song simply tells us how to trust on God and holding unto him when everything seem not working out, is a song of gratitude for how far he has helped us for his faithfulness […]

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(Idinma) by Preye Odede

The single “Idinma,” which means “You are Good” when translated from the Igbo language of the Eastern part of Nigeria, is a confident stance – a confession of trust and allegiance – which consequently transitions into worship. Preye Odede speaks of the experience, rather than mere hearsay that birthed his worship and the eventual conclusion […]