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(You’re gonna be ok) cover by Guc

This is a song cover done by Guc, titled ‘YOU’RE GONNA BE OK’ recorded by ‘Brain johnson’
It’s not just a song to listen but a song that passes a very strong message to everyone who is going through one challenges or the other..

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6 Replies to “(You’re gonna be ok) cover by Guc

  1. I can’t stop saying, “God bless and increase your grace, sir”. This song is so comforting. Hope is never lost, hold on, don’t let go…

  2. Awesome piece indeed it is a Message to the troubled soul, I’m a fighter.

  3. Sometimes I just felt like giving up on some certain things in life…but am encouraged once again..
    God bless you real good.
    Your oil shall not run dry…

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